Add accessories for a polished look in black turtleneck


A black turtleneck is a fashion staple that we all have in our closets and will never go out of style. It can go with just about anything you wear, such as a skirt or your favorite skinny jeans, and you’ll instantly look polished and feel warm, which has been essential during the current harmattan season. The only hard part about wearing a black turtleneck is essentially how to accessorize it.

Turtlenecks can easily go conservative, so the key is to find some interesting, colourful or artsy pieces that’ll make it look more beatnik or elegant, instead of boring and conservative. Here, Alyssa shares several different ways to instantly spruce up a basic turtleneck.

Best earring styles for a turtleneck…

Go for the gold!

Fabulous gold drop earrings are the perfect casually chic statement accessory for a black turtleneck. The bright yellow gold really stands out against the black because they’re ornate, but not overbearing. They’ll be the first thing someone will notice on you.

Add a splash of colour

Bright earrings can go day or night, and even with your hair styled up or down because the turquoise and red will compliment the subtleness of a black turtleneck.

Keep it simple

Unique, yet simple gold hoops are perfect earrings if you’re an accessory hoarder and want to wear both earrings and a long necklace with your turtleneck.They’re simple enough to pair with another piece, but they also make a statement on their own.

Best necklace styles to go with a turtleneck…

Go bold with red!

Nothing stands out or goes better with black than bright red. This chunky bright red floral piece will dazzle a plain black turtleneck. Pair it with simple stud earrings or no earrings at all. It’s also a great way to perk up your winter blues and the price is a steal!

Chic it up

If you wear brightly colored turtlenecks, try a multi-colored statement necklace. In any one of the available colors, it can go day or night and is truly an investment piece.

Bonus hair tip! Your hairstyle can also make you dress up or dress down your turtleneck. For a more casual look, wear your hair down with your natural texture. Throw your hair up in a sleek bun or ponytail for a more formal events like a work meeting or cocktail party.



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