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Did you perform your civic responsibility today by casting your vote? We hope that our vote counts and the best leader emerges, we all wish our beloved country a smooth presidential election.

Changes in the world today and the need to outshine others materially has totally blocked people’s understanding that morals, values are more important than what we exhibit on the outside. People are more interested in what they see on the outside than what people have to offer.

Outward self exhibition has to do with gaining favours, trust and appreciation from others in terms of riches and luxury. We all love to live a good and comfortable life and that is why we work to make money, but using material wealth to measure the value of an individual is totally wrong and hardly works long term.

If you have been monitoring all that has been happening among our political elites and the people they govern, you will see politicians trying to impress the people with all kinds of material gifts and incentives. Sadly, people from this part of the world are drowning in hunger and poverty (in the midst of plenty) that most of them do not have the courage to reject being bought over by politicians who have no morals or inner values to be their leader.

Take away all the fleet of flashy and expensive cars, mansions, free trips abroad, free allownaces for numerous staff, huge salary, etc do you think we will have so much trouble chosing the best leaders? Will we have politicans insulting and killing each other? I do not think so. There is so much display and greedy acqusition of material wealth among our leaders of today that most of them do not remember what it means to serve, to render vauable service, to unveil what they have in the inside in terms of morals and values. Is there any thing like decent politics?

Let me let our politicians alone. How about others who also use materialism to measure who a person is intellectually? Have you seen how low we have gone as human beings? Proffessionals and experienced experts who are qualified for jobs and with decent values hardly get jobs because they do not arrive the office of whom they are seeking the contract from with flashy cars and designer suits. Is this not the reason why timid people borrow cars to seek for contracts and subsequently rip the companies off after spending so much to make them believe they have the wealth? What do you expect from someone who borrows money to buy a car just to please and make you belive he/she is capable of executing a contract? By the time the contract is awarded, the borrowed money must be paid first before your job is done. Our people are so blinded with show off of riches and wealth that human value is being measured with what you have materially. What a sad and lousy way to live. If this is your mindset, you are totally a wreck, you do not understand what life is all about, people like you make life uncomfortbale for the good people around you and should be avoided by all means.

People like you are willing to kill others to become wealthy, you are the type that should never be in any leadreship position because you are totally clueless about what leadership is all about.

Dear reader, if you have such people around, you are simply treading a very dangerous path. If you feel the person asking for your vote this election does not have the right values to be your leader, rather than vote him/her, it will be better you do not vote at all.

If those you do business with are all about bling-bling, making you feel out of place, you should not be doing business in the first place with such people because they will always rip you off and make you do ugly things you do not desire just to satisfy them materially.

Making monney is good but making it by all means, in the wrong ways is the problem. If you also think that with your good inner values, life will be hard for you, that is not correct, it is all about being patient with your work and business activities. It will pay you more if people can associate your name and personality with words like diligence, sincere, kind, honest, generous, loving, warm, decent, gentle, intelligent, and other virtues. Such inner values will keep your name in the sand of times more than having mansions all over the world and having a criminal/corrupt Image.

By the time your wealth and money finishes (money comes and goes), you will become despicable to those bowing and singing false praises because they cannot benefit materially from you any longer. But if you have virtues, no one will ever take them away from you, people will continue to remember you for your selfless and good deeds, generation after generation will read about you. Think of the late Nelson Mandela. Your good name/image will last more than diamonds because diamonds can be destroyed or stolen, but what you have inside speaks for you, for ever.

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