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Catching daily how Nigerian youths roam the streets searching for the wrong priorities of life is becoming worrisome to a lot of people who understand what ‘’living well’’ stands for. It is not enough to blame the society for all the woes and ills happening. Who makes up the society you are blaming? Are you not part of this society thet you blame for your failings and disappointments? What have you done for the society to make it work for you?

As we all know, the youths are the most vibrant in every society and their population is always higher. Have you taken note of how Nigerian youths pursue the wrong things of life? Chasing the wind rather than building their lives in the right directions?

Why is it that most youths prefer channeling their skills and talents into negativity? The great talents and skills hidden in our youths are so numerous that if they are ready to build a good life for themselves, this country will over take most super powers of the world.

Is the grass greener outside Nigeria? If yes, who made them so? Same human beings like our youths. Recently , we were told that Nigerians are the highest users of social media, especially Facebook in the entire Africa. Is there a youth in Nigerian without mobile phone that can surf the net. Even those who claim to be hungry and jobless carry the most sophiscated smart phones yet, they claim to be joblesss and have no money. Facebook, that most Nigerian youths are crazy about was created by a couple of American youths out of trial and error.

Do not tell me that these youths never came across some bad ideas they can use to rip off the world, but they decided to focus on the positive side. They were not driven by the greed for money, wealth, material things like our youths here, but were interested in making a name and creating something that can benefit mankind. Not that they were millioniares then, they were not even university graduates when they came up with FACEBOOK. Their focus was for the good of mankind and today, they are billonaires and still keeping a low profile. We have more intelligent and creative youths than the ones that made FB and other social the media that our Nigeria youths are crazy about, spending their money on, month after month, patronizing them. We have youths who complain of being jobless yet they recaharge their phone with internet data weekly with nothing less than N10,000 just to browse, especially facebook/twitter/whatsapp etc.

Do we not have youths who can do better than what youths in other countries have done? How did we get to this crazy age of — I must be a millionaire overnight…no matter which way…any how…any how?

Why can’t we get our youths focused on being positive and creating things that can benefit them and mankind and not putting money first? Our youths materialistic focus has been and is still destroying a lot of things in this country. Is it not high time we find a way to youths from making fast and quick money?

Everyone has a role to play in this—-individuals, corporate organizations, religious institutions, government, educational systems, family etc.

Having money is good because we need it to live well. What is wrong about putting strutures and facilities on ground that can empower our youths. The worst part is that, whatever you do to make fast money hardly lasts. The things people do that add value to humanity are not driven by the greed for wealth and fast money. Ironically, such good ventures still turn out to be money spinning machines/avenues/sources for those who created them.

I doubt if the creators of most popular social media we have now had in mind that they were going to make thrillions from the entire world including African countries whom they see as still living in the dark ages? They just wanted to touch lives, turn lives around, change the world for good, be innovative, but at the end, money turned up for them in ways they never expected it. Why can’t our youths and do likewise?

The brains they use to hack emails, defraud foriegners can be used to create positive ideas and inventions as well. These youths who are gifted in these areas know this but because they are driven with greed for fast money, they feel they will make easy money by turning to fraud, they turn their focus into negative tendencies instead of positive ideas, thereby missing creativity that can make Africa proud.

Have you not seen youths selling books and teaching people how to trace mobile calls. Teaching people how to monitor this and that from other users of mobile phones? Teaching people how to know fake/original mobile phones before buying phones? Why can’t these youths have patience, spend more time in such initiatives/creativity/intelligence and create/invent things that can make our economy boom?

I ask Nigerian youths to give government a breathing space and look inwards on how to grow economically and make Africa proud. We have what it takes, but the problem is the greed for quick money and not lasting virtues/services for the good of mankind. Unless our youths change their foucs entirely, life in Nigeria will become more unbearable in the years to come.

Jacqui IWU is a Life/Career/Business Coach

A Stress Management Expert &Conference Speaker

Media Relations Personnel


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