Emir of Borgu charges traditional rulers on unity of Nigeria


From Matthew Omonigho

It a critical time when some prophets have predicted the disintegration of Nigeria, the Emir of Borgu, Alhaji Mohammed Sani Dantoro, Kitoro IV, has charged traditional rulers to ensure that the country remains united irrespective of ‘ethnic’ or ‘religious’ backgrounds.

The revered monarch, who gave the advice yesterday in continuation of his nation-wide visit to traditional rulers and governors when he visited the palaces of the Olu of Warri Kingdom, HRM Ogiame Ikenwoli, HRM. MAJ. Gen. Felix Mujakperuo CFR Orhue I (rtd.), the Ovie of Umiaghwa-Abraka Kingdom, HRM AVM Lucky Ochuko Ararile (rtd) and others in Delta State.

Danotoro noted that he embarked on the visit to the traditional rulers to discuss issues affecting the citizenry, as well as appreciate them for the roles played during the demise of his late father, Sen. Haliru Dantoro, Kitoro III.

The emir noted that, “As traditional rulers it is very necessary for us to come together to take up the challenges and responsibilities bestowed on us by God to see to the unity of this country and also give hope to the people that Nigeria is one and we need to keep it so irrespective of our differences in religion and tribes.

“God has bestowed on us the responsibility and we need to carry it out effectively. We cannot do that when every one of us sits in his kingdom and think that things will go right. It has become a challenge for us to take up these responsibilities in the present day Nigeria.

“We must have our differences but we must learn to resolve them by crossing the bridge and mending fences. Stop building wars but bridges. We should think of one Nigeria. We should think of our people. God will ask us to account for our actions. Let us make sure that this country remains one.”

The Olu of Warri stressed the need for traditional rulers to love and see themselves as one in the interest of peace and unity. “The earlier we begin to see ourselves as one, the better for us in this country. We have no choice but to live at peace with each other. God did not make mistake bringing us together. He is wiser than us”.

Ogiame Ikenwoli described as ‘unfortunate’ the ethnic and religious hatred that exists among Nigerians.

The Orodje of Okpe Kingdom blamed the ethnic and religious rivalry between the people of Nigeria on the colonial masters for handing power to the ‘wrong’ people instead of to traditional rulers.

The Orodje noted that politicians have polluted the system and the hearts of Nigerians towards each other which he said is a big problem for the country.



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