Femi Branch sex for role problem


Due to the rapid increase of sex for roles in the Nigerian Movie industry, better known as Nollywood, veteran actor, Femi Branch has voiced out, condemning the wicked acts.

According to the popular actor, he can no longer sit and tolerate the inhuman acts melted on up and coming actors.

He shared a meme on his Instagram page which reads; Stop Defrauding Young Talents, #audition is free.’

He captioned it, “as much as I fully identify with this cause, I also believe our problems are bigger than this. can we also decapitate b***ards who sleep with vulnerable girls to give them acting roles, shoot the scum who demand actors pay to be in movies with stars? And oh! Actors should be paid what they are worth and not be owed for months!!!” he wrote.

Lots of actresses have lamented over the rate at which sex for role had dominated Nollywood and the fight for its eradication has been geared up by the influential stars.


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