Get the comfortable feel of ankara, silk mix


It is always fun and trendy to mix colours and prints, more so when you are doing it with the vibrant fabric of Ankara. You can virtually mix your ankara fabric with dry lace or chiffon or even mix two ankara fabrics of different colours or patterns. The latest trend for most fashion lovers is to design your ankara with matching silk materials and tone them up with nicely embellished sequins, beads, stones, buttons and even feathers. You can also incorporate ankara with silk on an overall trouser or on a pair of jeans for that comfortable feel.

The ankara and silk mix feel is so playful that you just want to make virtually anything with it, ranging from gowns, skirts and blouses and corporate to evening and casual wears. For make-up, it is ideal to use the colours of the silk fabric to match your dress. Wear comfortable heels in shades similar to your outfit for a perfect look.



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