‘How herbs give good health, longevity to Asians’


An expert in phytho-medicinal research and Chief researcher in Halamin Herbal Products in Abuja, Ben Amodu in this interview with journalists in Abuja says herbal medicine succeeds where its orthodox counterpart fails, even as he urges governments at all level to accord the branch of medicine its deserved recognition.

You have said it severally that Herbal medicine succeeds where its orthodox counterpart fails, can you substantiate it?

I can give you instances, but unfortunately, I won’t mention the names of my patients because our ethics is against that. Herbs treat and cure communicable and non-communicable diseases more than their orthodox counterparts.

It would surprise you to know that Hepatitis kills about 11 people in this country on daily basis. But I want to inform you that our supplements made from herbs have been able to cure many patients of the ailment. For instance, a patient with a viral Hb of 170m who could not be cured in a high brow hospital in Nigeria was cured with his supplements that reduced it to 83m within a month.

Another one with a viral load of 124,500 was reduced to 2,400, our herbal supplements and as you know, it is a cure as it is below 500. The most recent one was the case of a patient with viral load of 6,200 who said that his United Kingdom (UK) consultant saw it as incurable. But Herbs from our products reduced it to 6.

Are you satisfied with how the governments have been going about the branch of medicine?

Well, I won’t tell you that I am satisfied, but with all these developments so far, I believe that the present government will begin to encourage it. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended herbs for treatment of modern diseases. I want to inform you that the magic behind good health and longevity of life China, India and other Asian countries have been enjoying is found in the use of Herbs. We are however planning to take the profiles and evidences of our products efficacies to the Minister of Health in order to know where to partner so as to diversify the country’s economy.

If you are in the position, what would be your task to the government with regard to herbs?

I would task the Federal Government (FG) to look inwardly. The reason is that the diseases termed incurable can now be cured and this is based from results we have been receiving from our various patients within and outside the country who were treated with Herbs.

What economic benefit can herbs bring to a third world country like Nigeria?

As you know, if a country’s exports exceed its imports, the result will be favourable balance of trade. I have participated in various expositions and workshops within and outside the country and was able to observe the response of participants.

A patient from London who was perfectly treated with our Herbal supplements sent this into my mail: ” Hello Sir, l give glory to God. Hbsag now 6. It was previously 6200 iu/ml. This is more significant than viral load as Hbsag is count of virus in the liver. This means once Hbsag is zero, I will no longer test positive to hbv. I have been trying to reach you. God is great.”

I want to inform you of a patient with PSA of 12.8 on medical evacuation to India got cured after using Herbs from us. In-fact he was declared free from the ailment when tested in the Indian hospital where he was billed for operation as his PSA was found to have shrunk down to 7 from the 12.8. He told me that he visited other hospitals in India, among which was Apolo Hospital and was advised to continue with his medication. Positive results of our supplement combinations to patients in 2013, moved Se Kroa Ehoule, the Director and the Coordinator of Program of National Promotion of Traditional Medicine in the country commended us and requested for more of the products. And our products combination as I said earlier is not orthodox, but herbs.

Herbs stunned the world when our herbal supplements were recently recommended for the treatment of the dreaded Ebola, Cancers of the lung which is the highest disease of the lung, that of colon and pancreas as well as other related diseases by the Department of Research in Southern Texas University in the United States of America (USA) and it was widely publicised by local and international media organisations. If Herb can be recommended for the cure of the highest disease of the lung, then Asthma being a disease of the lung is a small thing to the Herb.

The case of a Hepatitis patient I mentioned above, whose UK medical consultant saw as incurable which we cured with Herbs and the above mail to us from a London patient are other ways of attracting international trade in the country which you know will go a long way to enhance favourable balance of trade. And if the wonders being performed by Herbs on both communicable and non communicable diseases within and outside the country can be encouraged by the government, herbal tourism will be attracted in Nigeria, because people will be coming from all over the world over Nigeria which in turn will attract foreign exchange.

There are other ailments like kidney diseases, among others which it is believed herbs have limited power, could you react to that?

The fact of the matter is that we don’t value what we have this country. But thank God that today they have begun to testify to what they have experienced after having used the orthodox and the herbal medicines.

We had a case of a patient with 6.2mm stone kidney which was dissolved to 0.6mm in 15 days with the pain gone within three days after using Herbs. Rne test was done in Zitadel Medical Diagnostic Ltd here in Abuja where the stone in the kidney was also confirmed reduced to zero. Another old man with Postdate Cancer (PSA) of 12.40, after taking Herbs from us, went for a test after month got a result of 2.3 with easy passage of urine and waking up at night reduced and his installed catheter fell off on its own.

Orthodox branch of medicine has been recognised in most countries of the world for performance in modern diseases more than herbs, could you react to that?

I am a pharmacist and have been in phytho medicine research for a long time now. I have said it above and still want to repeatedly inform you that the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued releases many times on the need for using Herbal medicines in treatment of ailments in the world; be them communicable or non-communicable ones. The magic behind good health and longevity of life China, India and other Asian countries have been enjoying are from the use of Herbs.

Herbal medicines are very good in the treatment of diseases that people grow into as they age and in medical term, they are called non-communicable diseases. Among them are diseases of Cardiovascular of high Triglyceride levels in blood like High Blood Pressure (HBP), Diabetes, Stroke, Ulcer and Asthma. Today medical doctors shy away from HIV patients with CD4 count of 50, 100, 200 to 300 which Herbs treat at ease by bringing the CD4 count to 450, 500 and 600 in no time instead of abandoning them to death.


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