Maintaining a healthy heart


A healthy heart is a happy heart. To maintain a healthy heart you need to adjust your lifestyle including your diet. A healthy diet is necessary if you want to keep your heart healthy and strong. Find out the most healthy heart foods.

Healthy heart diet- what can you eat?

Heart problems are one of the main issues of mankind. Millions of people die every year because of heart diseases. That is why a healthy heart diet is recommended for everyone. There are many foods you can eat during a healthy heart diet. Here are some of them:

Healthy fish fats

Fish like salmon or sardines contain many healthy fats and a large quantity of Omega – 3 acids. These healthy fats and acids reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and arrhythmia.


Oatmeal contains many healthy fibers that absorb the cholesterol from your digestive tract. This way cholesterol doesn’t reach your blood flow.

Dark chocolate

Many scientists have demonstrated that the consumption of dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart failure. The chocolate that contains at least 60 percent of cocoa contains a chemical compound that reduces blood pressure and inflammations.


Strawberries contain flavonoids and anthocianins which reduce blood pressure and dilate blood vessels.

Lemons and oranges

These citrus fruits are recommended during a healthy heart diet because they contain vitamin C and they maintain a healthy heart.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds contain fibers, omega 3 acids and vitamin E. All these help reduce cholesterol levels.

As mentioned above, there are many foods you can eat when you are on a healthy heart diet and your menu can change every day.



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