Make your bathrooms bold and brilliant


AMake your bathrooms bold and brilliantnyone who remembers the seventies, or has lived in a house from the decade, will no doubt shudder when it is suggested that bright and bold colours should be used in the bathroom. Unfortunately, mustard yellow wallpaper and lime green linoleum floors scared many and significantly damaged the reputation of bold colours in bathroom décor. Today, it’s time to bury your fears, and, to put it bluntly, move on. Bold colours, when applied in the right way can transform the bathroom into a memorable feature. The first golden rule, select a colour you are going to like in ten years. This is a difficult prediction, and no one has a crystal ball, but if you have any hesitation towards a colour scheme now, in a couple of years, you will truly hate it. Robust colour is a different design game, compared to working with shades. Bold colours will be dominant, before we go any further, make sure you are prepared to love your chosen colour scheme for many years to come.

If the above warning has not scared you, and all this colour talk is making you experience a decorating buzz, here is some inspiration and advice.

Lush Lemon

Avoid a flashback to peeling mustard wallpaper, work with lemon yellow. Lemon is very much on trend at the moment, and when teamed with a complimentary crisp white, it will create a refreshingly cheerful interior. Bathroom tiles are a manageable way to applying bold colours. Using the shower cavity as a colour zone is an effective way to create boundary. Make sure you install a framed glass shower screen instead of a curtain. This will ensure your colour application is always in view. A Pivotech shower screen is perfect for the job.

Navy never goes out of fashion

If you are nervous about bold colour application, navy is a style safety zone. Navy, like black, is always in fashion. Navy is easy on the eye and easily complimented by other colours. When applied liberally, the result is audacious, but at the same time, elegant. Applying bold colour, on interior walls, and across decoration and accessories within the space, will provide a strong sense of composition.

Power to the pastel

Pastels are not often thought to be bold colours. However, combining sweet pink tones, with musk yellow, results in a sugar sweet pop of daring colour. To avoid pastels looking prudish, combine contrasting colours. The effect will be cheeky and modern. Use colour across different bathroom elements to enhance the contrast further. Creating contrast will also ensure a potentially pale interior, sustains depth and animation.

Sometimes less is more

While it is completely in order to support and encourage liberal applications of attention seeking colours, sometimes, less is more. If you are drawn to an extraordinarily dynamic hue, such as a florescent, it will be most effective if you strategically select the area of application. Below, the dominant green bathtub is effective and fashionable, because it is not challenged by other colours, nor is green applied across multiple surfaces. If you want to be so bold as to design with fluorescent colours, be discerning and you will achieve a smart looking bathroom.


If you want to go all out, applying colour across almost every bathroom surface, there must still be a balance within the interior. Use mirrors and glass to relieve colour application and avoid needing to increase your palette. Mirror frames and shower screens from Pivotech are an effective solution to achieving a subtle break in colour.


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