Spiral staircases add beauty, functionality and safety


Spiral stairs are a practical, compact and often highly decorative way to get from one floor of your home to another. The clean openness of a spiral staircase is especially great for small spaces, giving it a more open feel thus expanding the space.

Spiral staircases can add value to a home because their uncommon form and expert craftsmanship is required. Although there are “do-it-yourself” kits, once you start looking at the architecture and materials, you will know that a custom spiral staircase is the only way to go. Today you can get a wide variety of materials to add drama or design elaborate stacked models.

Spiral stairs don’t require lots of space therefore most spiral staircases are ordered by people who can’t fit a regular staircase in their home. Others just like the look of a spiral staircase. Some spiral staircases look like a piece of art and rightfully so considering the variety of materials they come in.

Spiral stairs are widely used in multi-level apartments and condominiums as well as single-family homes; Spiral staircases are a great, space-saving way to get up and down in an apartment or smaller home. The stairs are also safe because people tend to be more careful when they use spiral staircases. The small, narrow and limited footsteps on the stairs make people take more care and with handrails on both sides, people can expect the stairs to be very safe.

Whether located inside or outside, spiral staircases are a more decorative choice than straight stairs. Whether you are going up or down, your focal point will change versus an ordinary straight staircase.



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