Swimming Lessons in Lekki: Crawford Swimming World (Lekki and Yaba)


Swimming is a life skill that goes ignored by too many people in Nigeria. Learning to swim as a child is an activity that can generate great confidence, athletic ability, and of course, teach you one of the most important physical skills around.

If you’re thinking of enrolling your child in swimming lessons, read on to find out more about Crawford Swimming World Nigeria to choose a good learning program.

In this interview, we discuss Swimming Lessons in Lagos with Crawford Swimming World Nigeria and the development of Swimming as a sport in Nigeria.

Is Crawford sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria?

Swimming Lessons in Lekki : Crawford Swimming World (Lekki and Yaba)

Crawford Swimming World is a beneficiary of the Youwin grant of the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Finance Incorporated. The Nigerian Government find our business strategy quite innovative, hence the sponsorship. We are forever grateful to our great country Nigeria.

Crawford Swimming World is a swimming schoolwith an assemblage of best in class swimming instructors that offer classes in a fun and enjoyable style. Our swimming curriculum is of the American standard.

Why did you choose to start a swimming school?

My name is Tayo Orekoya; Crawford Swimming World is my brain child. As a Mathematician from the University of Ibadan, I had worked in best of corporate organisations in Nigeria horning my skills as an Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, Brand Strategist and a Search Engine Optimisation professional.  Whilst working at all the institution I kept teaching swimming after work and on weekends. I would typically leave work by 5pm and head to the swimming pool to teach classes.

Eventually, my love for teaching swimming made me resign my paid employment to run the Swimming School as full time business. My fulfilment was to help Nigerians learn to swim in Lagos in a fun and conducive environment. We call it SME (Swimming Made Easy).

Our Swimming Classes in Lagosoffers a full range of Swimming Lesson for Adult and Children all around Yaba and Lekki Phase 1.

How long have you been teaching swimming?

I have over 15 years’ experience in teaching Children and Adult swimming classes in Nigeria. Over the years, we have developed a curriculum that works to help every child and adult learn to swim effortlessly in 10 classes. Click here to find out about our Swimming Lessons in Lekki Phase 1 and Swimming Lessons in Yaba.

What is the best swimming style to learn?

We usually advice a novice to swimming to learn to swim the breaststroke swim style first because this style affords the swimmer to breathe easily.

Swimming Lessons in Lekki : Crawford Swimming World (Lekki and Yaba)

Is it expensive to learn to swim?

We offer our exceptional classes at pocket-friendly prices. See our Swim class fees for adult and children classes. Our Swim pool is open from Tuesday to Sundays in Yaba.

How clean is your Swimming Pool and is it deep?The Unique design of our swimming pool gives every learner both Adult and children a lot of confidence in the water. Clearly, the cleanest public swimming pool in Nigeria.The pool is constantly recirculated cleaning and disinfecting the water automatically.

Do you offer summer swimming classes for children?

Definitely we do. Our summer swimming classes in Yaba and Lekki Phase 1 is the best you can find given the quality of the swim coaches and cleanliness of the pool. We allow children use their remaining swim class even after the holidays are over.

How about evening classes for adult?

We have after work (Evening) Swimming Classes for adults at our Yaba and Lekki Phase 1 training venues. Most adult would like to learn to swim in the evenings when the children are not around to see them swimming. Our adult class is fun filled as you learn in company of other professionals. It’s also a good networking avenue while keeping to a good work life balance. A lot of our adult swimmers also use the sport as a workout/Weightloss opportunity.

How do you make a child comfortable to learn to Swim?

Prior to the swimming lessons, it is a practice to plan for my lessons. No matter how experienced I am, I will plan as the student’s behaviour during lessons is always unpredictable. Remember there is a saying fail to plan, plan to fail! During the first lesson, I usually get feedback from parents informing me the details regards to their child behaviour. Either their child is afraid of putting their head in the water or is water phobia. After obtaining the feedback, I will briefly explain to them what the focus is for the first lesson and also assuring that their children are well taken care of. Most importantly, I will advise the parents to give their child more practice time to ensure their performance will be improved.

For the first official lesson, I usually play games with them to break the ice and to get the children comfortable in water. Usually, I will conduct games like walking, running and catching each other in the baby pool. These games assist the children to adjust to the water temperature, build their confidence in manoeuvring in the water and most importantly to have fun. After that, water activities are followed by blowing bubbles, front and back float. These three water activities form the basic foundation for swimming.

Blowing Bubbles

For the technique of blowing bubbles, I always coach the children to breathe by mouth instead of nose. However, the correct technique is to use the nose. In order to ensure that the lesson more time efficient, mouth is preferred. It will take a few sessions to coach the children to breath by nose instead of mouth. Once their water confidence is enhanced, I will emphasize on nose exhalation. Normally, I will gather the children together and perform the water actions to them. Children like to mirror what they see, so it is essential to demonstrate a few times before granting the children to practice on their own. Based on my experience, when the children are blowing bubbles, they like to blow out a few bubbles only. This is not encouraging. Every time, I will advise them to blow hundred bubbles. This is to effective getting them used to the breathing techniques and not withholding their breath.

You can reach us on 08090969849 and 08091111987.

Our Yaba venue is located at 3, Andoyi Street Onike Yaba. The street is popularly called the Night Market Street, Near Unilag second Gate. Very close to MFM Headquarters.

Lekki Phase 1

Innovation Center on AwuduEkpheka Boulevard off Admiralty way in Lekki Phase 1. (It is the right turn after Bukka Hut on Admiralty way)


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