What you eat says a lot about your body image


A lot of people feel what they feed their body is not vital and they can eat whatever they lay their hands on. Again, food must not be when you eat a whole pot of cooked food and drink whatever you see. Food could even be small but very healthy chops. Those who enjoy snacking can also feed on healthy snacks. Some nutritionist will disagree that snacking is healthy. This is because lots of people who love snacks hardly go for healthy ones. Cooked or fried groundnuts with fresh garden eggs are all healthy snacks. Roasted unripe plantain is good too. The only problem with roasted plantain is the unhygienic way it is prepared by road side sellers, if you have a barbecue equipment, you can do your roasted plantain on your own and add other items like fish and beef to spice it up depending on your taste. A combination of fried groundnuts and fresh banana is a also a healthy snack and can be used as food. There are so many healthy snacks so, I totally disagree that snacking is not healthy, it all depends on what you snack on.

Those who feed on too much baked foods and flavoured drinks suffer from the bad effects of snacking. Lots of people love to eat cakes, pies, doughnuts, chin-chin, biscuits, and all sorts of things, while forgetting to take fresh fruits and water. The thing with baked foods is that they go well with sweetened drinks so those who enjoy eating too much of them hardly drink water, but rely more on cola and other fizzy drinks which contain lots of caffeine and sugar. Drinks with just caffeine and sugar are not healthy at all. They are just empty calories and have no nutritional value.

Those of you who love fruits like watermelon, oranges, coconut are on the right track. If you break the coconut yourself, enjoy the water. Coconut water flush out toxins and enrich your skin texture. These fruits can be used as food and your body will get all the nourishment it needs. They will also make your skin glow. There are people you see, especially women and you think that they use very expensive skin products, but if you examine them closely, they feed more on fruits and vegetables. Such women also drink lots of clean water to moisturizse/hydrate the skin both in and out.

If you are a man and you drink lots of alcohol, you must make regular water drinking your companion. You must not rely on just the one glass of water you drink during your lunch or dinner, but must drink plenty water starting with your breakfast. Water will help reduce the bad effects of the alcohol in your vital organs like the kidney/liver/heart. Please do not use water as an excuse to drown in alcohol. This will backfire in your face some day. Try to reduce the amount of alcohol you take and drink more water. There are men you see with very crinky and dry skin, such men tend to consume too much alcohol and apart from the damages done to the kidney/liver/heart, it dries up your skin and makes you look older than your age.

The worst kind of alcohol are the dry ones like gin, brandy, vodka, whiskey etc. It does not matter how expensive or refined these alcoholic drinks are, they are still unhealthy when consumed too much. Those who drink beer can always check the number of bottles they take in a day and must not make beer consumption a regular stuff.

How about wine? Different wines have their alcoholic contents and some are much healtheir than others. Wines are made from grapes which are basically fruits, but their production process matters a lot, making some more healthier than others. Red wine is much healtier than other types of wine, but stay away from wines with high alcoholic contents.

I personally get very bad headache when I drink some types of white/dry wine in small quantity so, I keep away from white wine even if it is one glass. If this happens to you each time you consume any wine product, stay away from such wine. It means they are not good for your body.

Champagnes are good, but also contain alcohol as well so do not pride yourself as one who can afford to drink champagne and then feel it is healthy. The alcohol in them are equally as bad as the ones in other alcoholic drinks.

Those who come from countries where most wines are being produced tend to benefit more from getting them fresher than some of us in this part of the world.

Coming back to solid foods, those who cook their own food and also understand various food nutrients tend to eat healthy because they know how to combine their food items. Someone who eats eba/amala/tuwo every day, morning, afternoon/night does not understand what eating healthy is. These are basically carbs that must be combined with some protien so that you can have a balanced diet.

Knowing how to combine your food makes your diet rich/healthy. Carbs are just for energy and weight gain. The foods that nourishes your body and gives it a good look are protein/fruits/vegetables plus plenty of water.

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