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Do you at times wonder why you feel so tired, lazy and unproductive at work all day? There are offices you go to as early as 10am and you see people sleeping on duty and you wonder if the person is simply sick, or just did not get enough sleep the previous night or both. What people in this part of the world do not understand is that –‘sleeping on duty’ is a very bad attitude that can get you sacked/fired instantly but people do this all the time openly in their various offices. Often times when as a visitor, you meet such a person in a front office/reception sleeping and you wake him/her up to ask questions the ‘sleeper’ gets angry and even ignore you for disturbing his/her sleep. At work? This irritating manner has robbed most companies of very valuable clients and contracts award.

Can a healthy body make you sleep at work regularly? NO! Once in a while you find a very hardworking and busy executive in his/her private office taking a short nap. He/she could have been exhausted during the day and needed some break. This is allowed to help refresh him/her but this does not take so long and does not happen all the time. A short nap when needed can really jumpstart your brain to action and hardly go beyond 10mins. Please if your nap makes you more tired after, then it is another sign of a body ailement.

Let me now talk about what most people’s morning routine are, over here in Nigeria. Are you aware most people leave their homes for work/business without visiting the toilet? Many –many people do this and this is a very bad health habit and also a sign that your digestive system is having serious problems. Do you know that a bad digestive system can disrupt your work function all day? You feel so bloated, uncomfortable and opening your suit and trousers bottons all day as well as gasing. When you meet a staff whose stomach is uncomfortable, he/she will be frowning and edgy without even knowing it. You can not hide certain things about health when they hit you raw no matter how had you try to conceal the pains.

You ate and ate all kinds of foods the previous day and filled your stomach and the next morning you did not empty the waste of what you ate and you still sat down and gulp down more food. Worst still is that our breakfast menu are all about fries and carbs with less attention to fruits, water, veggies. People here love to eat bread, fried eggs, fried plantain, yam, rice, and wash it down with some sugary beverage(not even plain black coffee/tea). Imagine someone who did not visit the toilet in the morning topping the waste inside the body with more food high in carbs and saturated fats. You just cannot function comfortable all day. Either you are likely to feel sluggish, sleepy, bloated and irritated. In such a condition, you cannot concenterate on your job and at the end of the day, you go home and eat even more.

People tell me during consult that they have not visited the toilet for 1wk. This is not a JOKE folks but very common with people in this country considering my job experience. I try to find out how they feel for a whole week with waste in their bodies and they still eat more and move around. This explains the spare tyre you see people carry on their mid section of the body and other hidden health ailement most of them are not aware of, being caused by simply not going to toilet in the mornings.

The fact that you still walk about every day without going to morning toilet regularly does not mean it is cool with your entire body. It is dangerous and unhealthy. Every healthy body should be able to feel the urge to visit the toilet every morning to eliminate the digested foods eaten the previous day(s). You cannot be accumulating waste in your body for one week and you feel it is normal and healthy. It is not!!! Some people at this stage try taking some kind of laxative or stimulant to be able to go to toilet. How long can you continue being hooked up on drugs? You should not force it but it should rather come naturally so if you have problems visiting the toilet, do not take it lightly because you could be creating serious health complications for yourself without knowing.

Those who eat healthy will certainly not have this problem. Your difficulty in visiting the toilet regularly every morning is the fact that you eat too much junks and hardly care about your diet. It gets to a stage your digestive system gets tired of accepting junks and will stop functioning well in the area of eliminating the waste. The foods you eat must be disgested very well first before they can be elimianted freely. Food items like fruits , plenty of water and vegetables are what helps your digestions to function properly. If all you feed your body all the time are plenty of carbs, fats and oils especially in the mornings and at nights, then you will have this problem. Those who also eat eba, amala, tuwo, pounded yam, fufu as late as 10-11pm at nights and then sleep? This is a major bad eating habit. Those foods cannot digest well as you simply sleep after eating them. Then the next morning you start another consumptinon with bread, eggs, pasta, and other carbs. Next thing you grab your stuff and out for work. At work, you must snack or even eat heavy lunch and come back home same day and another heavy food. Waaoohhhhhhhhhhh…slowwww ..down.. buddy!!!! .

Ask some people how many bottles/glasses of water they drink in a day and some will be bold to tell you to your face that they do not even remember water at all. It is all beers, malt, softies, juices etc. These beverages are not killers but can be , if that is all you drink all day without adding plenty of water.

My message today is –if you hardly have the urge to go to toilet freely/ regularly in the mornings, it is dangerously unhealthy. If this happens to you, send me a text or email & let us talk about solution. This can save your life from hidden diseases.

Jacqui IWU is a BodyImage, Life &Career Coach

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